These is all you need to do.

• Download the app
• Register/Log in
• Perform the task/instruction appropriate to you.
• Earn Tikmoney for quest review.
• Shop the way you want with Tikmoneys.

Easy Tasks

There are simple tasks that anyone can do in the Tikmoney mobile application.


Support System

You can easily reach any of your problems thanks to the support system in the application.


Get Notifications

Get the results of your tasks as instant notification.


Spend Your Points

Shop as you wish at the Tikmoney market section with the points you have earned.

How to Earn with Tikmoney

Earn free no payment!

Download the tikmoney mobile app in just 30 seconds, join us now! Do all the missions according to the instructions and start earning! You can earn tikmoney for the tasks you do.

From home, from work, from where you sit!

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Main Features

If you don't have a score, don't worry, you can get tiktok followers, tik tok likes or Pubg UC, Google Play Codes for your social media accounts from the market section.
It's Completely Free

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a mobile application where you can shop from the market section in the application by doing simple tasks and earning tikmoney in return.

When you win tikmoney in return for the tasks, you can get the gift you want from the Market section with your points.

You can download it by typing Tikmoney in the Google play store section or by clicking the Download Now button on our website.

Ios Store is not active.

You can get support from the Support section in our mobile application or from the Contact Us section on the right.

Support is Our Business

Contact Us!


    About the Tikmoney app
    By Allocating Just 15 Minutes A Day

    Do Missions Earn Gifts Easily